Icmeler in Turkey

The city Icmeler is set in a small bay that is surrounded by high mountains full with green trees. The towns city is around the canal that flows through Icmeler. On both sides of the canal there is shopping as well as restaurants.
But the focus in Icmeler is the beach and the beach walk. The long sand beach is divided to different parts and it costs approx around 2.5 – 20 turkish liras to use the sunbeds that are available at the beach.
During daytime the beach is absolutely delightful, the water is cold enough to be refreshing, but still so warm that you don’t have to freeze. This part of Turkey that Icmeler is in, is by the Mediterranean ocean.

During the evening the beach walk is a nice way to go by the beach and try some good restaurants.
Besides the beach and along the canal, there are also other streets that are worth visiting. It’s easy to just walk around in Icmeler without getting lost, this due to the fact that Icmeler is not that large of a city. You could probably walk through the entire inner Icmeler within an hour.